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76 arrested for illegal gambling in Cordillera in February

Updated: Mar 3, 2021

Tabuk City, Kalinga – Philippine National Police Cordillera recorded a total of 76 individuals arrested for illegal gambling activities in February with more than half involved in cockfighting (43).

In the PNP Cordillera’s report, the 13 anti-illegal gambling operations conducted last month resulted to the arrest of 76 people in the region. Confiscated items include a total of P22,221 cash as well as assorted illegal gambling paraphernalia.

Of these 76, 11 individuals were nabbed in Abra from two illegal cockfighting operation. Another 7 were arrested in the province for playing cards.

In Apayao, 5 individuals were arrested for cockfighting and 1 collector for an EZ-2 game.

In the City of Baguio, 17 individuals were caught playing cards. In Benguet, 27 gamblers engaged in cockfighting were arrested along with 6 others in other separate illegal gambling operations. A bookie for numbers game was also apprehended.

Meantime, in Kalinga two individuals were arrested for being bookies in an illegal numbers game.

All the suspects were charged with Presidential Decree 1602 for illegal gambling.


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