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Active covid-19 cases in Tinglayan down by 61%

Tinglayan, Kalinga – The Municipality of Tinglayan was once the hotspot of the covid-19 virus in the province but has slowly recovered with the number of active cases dropping by 61 percent or 38 compared to 98 active cases before the imposition of a 15-day lockdown in the locality.

The municipality as of December 29, 2020 recorded a total of 202 confirmed positive cases, 164 of the total have already recovered.

In a recent interview with Tinglayan Mayor Sacrament Gumilab, he said the implementation of municipal-wide lockdown and the obedience of his constituents in following the rules and regulations of the strict implementation of lockdown protocols paved way for the surge of the virus to stop.

He further said the lockdown implemented was a great help as it controlled the movements of people and the fast contact tracing paved way for immediate identification and quarantine.

Meantime, the sectional lockdown imposed in Sitio Sakwilig, Lower Bangad and Sitio Atukab in Luplupa is yet to be lifted as its duration is until December 31,2020.

The mayor, however, has mentioned a possible extension may happen after assessment of the Municipal Covid-19 Inter-Agency Task force shows the need.

Tinglayan LGU through its Facebook page has also announced that the Rural Health Unit of the municipality will not cater swab test today, December 30 but has scheduled January 4,2021 as the date for the swab test.



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Jamillah Sallidao
Jamillah Sallidao
Dec 30, 2020

Work that is collaborated yields good results- GBU Tinglayan LGU