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Barangay Dupag, Tabuk City now has its own National High School

Updated: Jan 20, 2022

Tabuk City, Kalinga – With the approval of the bill proposed by Congressman Allen Jesse Mangaoang, the Mosimos Extension in Dupag, Tabuk City was separated from its mother school and was converted into an Independent National High School.

The annex of Naneng National High School is now called Dupag National High School.

This development shall enable the new independent school to have more opportunities to grow and be self-govern in order to serve the needs of the students within the area. This also means added employment opportunities for educators.

Separation and Conversion of Mosimos Extension to Dupag NHS

The separation of Mosimos Extension from Naneng NHS and its conversion into an independent NHS was made possible through House Bill 7992 filed on November 9, 2020, by Congressman Allen Jesse Mangaoang in Congress.

After the Committee on Rules approved the bill on its third reading, this was transmitted to the Senate on December 3, 2020.

The Senate passed the bill without amendment on September 20, 2021, then on November 10, 2021, it was forwarded to the Office of the President.

The President signed the bill into law on December 10, 2021, therefore, the creation of Republic Act No. 11621, officially “Separating The Naneng National High School- Mosimos Extension In Barangay Dupag, City Of Tabuk, Province Of Kalinga From The Naneng National High School, Converting It Into An Independent National High School To Be Known As Dupag National High School.”

Under the law, all personnel, assets, liabilities, and records of Naneng NHS-Mosimos Extension are to be transferred to and absorbed by the Dupag National High School.

The law likewise mandated the Secretary of Education to immediately include in the Department’s program the operationalization of Dupag NHS, the initial funding of which shall be charged against the current year’s appropriation of the school.

“Thereafter, the amount necessary for the continued operation of the school[s] shall be included in the General Appropriations Act,” adds the law.

Reginald Wacas, through the radio program of Congressman Mangaoang aired on January 12, congratulated and thanked the personnel of the then Naneng NHS-Mosimos Extension and the DepEd City Division of Tabuk for cooperating with the Office of the Congressman such that the documentary requirements needed by the Congress and Senate were acquired on time.

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