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CHED CAR holds record of highest vaccinated personnel, students in the country

Baguio City, Philippines – “As of November 11, 2021, CHED-CAR (Commission on Higher Education-Cordillera) has taken the lead in the statistics of vaccinated students and personnel in all higher education institutions nationwide,” the agency claimed in a press release published on Friday, November 12.

Based on their data, 91 percent or 7,594 out of 8,343 Higher Education Institution personnel were already vaccinated, however, it was unspecified if these are fully or partially vaccinated.

As for their students, 47 percent or over 52,600 students out of 111,785 have already received their vaccines.

The agency attributed the increased percentage of vaccination rate in their aggressive campaign and the subsequent declaration of November 4 to 11, 2021 as Higher Education Institutions' Vaccination Week.

In a statement, CHED-CAR's COVID-19 vaccination focal person, Dr. Jimmy Catanes, said that the ‘roll-out of the vaccination campaign for students and HEIs is still in play in partnership with the Local Government Units' vaccination centers.’

He said that local units in partnership with the Department of Health-Cordillera have committed to continuously vaccinate college students in the region.

Aside from LGUs, the assistance of student organizations also played a big role in strengthening the COVID-19 vaccination information drive and the vaccination rollout for the students as their influence as student leaders help in urging their fellow students, particularly those having second thoughts to submit themselves for the vaccination.

Relative to this, the agency relayed that other HEIs are already scheduled to conduct their ceremonial vaccination from November 15 to 19, 2021.

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