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Earene Joy Dawagan is Tanudan’s Miss Laggunawa 2022

Updated: Jun 30, 2022

The young lady may have failed to win the title the first time, but Earene Joy Dawagan’s second attempt for Miss Laggunawa got her the crown on June 24, 2022 at the coronation night at Mabaca Elementary School in Tanudan.

23-year-old Earene told Guru Press Cordillera that it took her a while to decide joining the Search for Miss Laggunawa 2022 after losing in 2017.

After much support from mentor and loved ones, she was convinced to participate and represent Barangay Babbanoy one more time.

Earene said she conditioned herself to accepting any outcome – that it is normal to lose if the title was not meant to be for her.

“When joining such events, it is normal and expected that everyone set their goals and expectations. However, we must also know that there are unexpected consequences/results that is beyond our control and we need to respect and accept in order to move forward,” she said.

Nevertheless, when the results came out, she was declared Miss Lagunawa 2022.

Overcoming insecurities

Earene recounted that among the major challenges she faced in the competition was overcoming her insecurities.

She said she is not quite confident about her physical attributes.

“I am very much aware that I have flaws and these often break my confidence to take on big opportunities in life. Yet, I am very grateful for the people who unwaveringly motivated and supported me throughout my journeys,” she conveyed.


Among her advocacies is empowering the youth, saying the young ones in Tanudan should be encouraged and pushed to be active and productive members in the community.

“With the support of our LGU TANUDAN and the people, a variety of engaging activities and programs should be conducted and supported for the youth to develop leadership, promote cultural awareness, appreciate and showcase unity,” she said.

‘We all shined that night’

Earene said that all the beauties who joined the Search for Miss Laggunawa 2022 did their best during the coronation night.

“We all shined that night for all did their best,” she said.

Earene encourages the ladies who aspire to be beauty queens that nothing is wrong in trying for the second time, especially if it is what they want to pursue.

She added they should muster the courage to conquer the stage again to get the crown.

Earene recently earned her degree in Bachelor of Secondary Education major in English at the Kalinga State University. She graduated Magna Cum Laude.


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