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Inter-agency search in BJMP Tabuk cells yields no contraband

Tabuk City, Kalinga – No illegal contraband was discovered by the authorities from the jail cells at Tabuk City District Jail during the Inter-agency Greyhound operation on November 27, 2022.

The operation is a quarterly search for any prohibited and illegal items inside the jail cells. It is being conducted by joint personnel from the Bureau of Jail Management and Penology – Tabuk, the Philippine National Police Kalinga and the Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency in the province.

Tabuk District Jail Warden, Chief Inspector John Wayland Lapon told Guru Press Cordillera that they searched 10 cells which are currently occupied at the male dorm and one occupied female cell to look for any contraband being hidden by the Persons Deprived of Liberty.

Lapon relayed that the authorities did not find any illegal drugs from the said 11 cells. What they only recovered is nuisance contraband or items that may not be classified as illegal but are forbidden under jail rules.

The nuisance contraband recovered includes nylon thread, improvised knives, wires, rope, and metal spoons, which the PDLs use in making their livelihood.

Lapon explained that they have to confiscate these items in order to ensure the safety of the PDLs and to avoid any untoward incident inside the dorms.

“Daytoy ket tapnu maisigurado tayo nga awan iti kontrabando idiay uneg nga mabalin nga usaren iti PDL iti pada da nga PDL ken iti met laeng dagitoy da agbanbantay iti pagbaludan. Ken ipasigurado tayo met nga awan iti sinumrek nga illegal drugs,” he conveyed.

While the inter-agency Greyhound operation is being done quarterly, Lapon said that the personnel at the Tabuk City District Jail regularly conduct an unannounced and random search of the cells.

So far, he relayed that they never discovered illegal drugs inside the district jail in the city apart from the suspected shabu confiscated from a visitor in September of this year.


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