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Kalinga wins first gold in 2024 CARAA Meet

Tabuk City, Kalinga – The Kalinga swimming team came back stronger for this year’s Cordillera Administrative Region Athletic Association (CARAA) Meet 2024, securing the first gold for Kalinga.


During the first day of games on April 16, four grade schoolers from Aciga Elementary School in Pinukpuk swam themselves to victory in the 4 x 200 Medley Relay(elementary) around 10:00 a.m.


These athletes are Jovail Iddoba, 12; Marion Ordoña,11; Alshied Bitanga,12; and Jeahyun Ordoña, 10.


According to Coach Aldrin Dugnayon Bitanga, Iddoba did the backstroke; Marion, breaststroke; Bitanga, butterfly; and Jeahyun did the freestyle.


Last year, the team was not able to bring home gold, inspiring them to work harder to get one this year.


Other medals

The Kalinga Bulls swimming team got 3 silver medals and 4 bronze apart from the gold they amassed on the first day of games.


The silver medalists include Bitanga who collected the medal in the 50m butterfly – elementary; Norvin Daguitan, Rey Victor Libnao, Aldrin Mark Aggulon, and Ruther Pascua who represented Kalinga in the 200m medley relays – secondary boys category; and Khimchu Banatao, Jyla Libnao, Mica Libnao, and Ariana May Baliling who played in the 200 medley relays – secondary girls.


For the bronze, Bitanga secured the medal in the 200m freestyle; Iddoba, 50m butterfly (elementary boys); Nestor M. Castillo Jr.(elementary boys), 100m breaststroke(elementary boys); Risha Mea Ordoña, 100m breaststroke(elementary girls); and April Kay Balanay, Risha Mae Ordona, Edelweiss Bitanga, and Rhia-Mea Andomang, : 4 x 200m medley relays(elementary girls).


Other bronze medalists include Rey Victor Libnao who placed 3rd in the 400m freestyle(secondary boys); and Jyla Libnao, 100m breaststroke(secondary girls).