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ONLY light vehicles allowed in 47-yr.-old Ileb Bridge in Nambaran, Tabuk-DPWH

In Nambaran, Tabuk City, travel limitations have been enforced at the Ileb Bridge, restricting the passage of heavy vehicles and equipment due to a hole in the bridge's road.


Engr. Generoso Mukay, Chief of Maintenance Office at DPWH-Lower Kalinga District Engineering Office, confirmed the restrictions, indicating that only light vehicles weighing a maximum of 5 tons are permitted to cross the bridge.


The bridge, now 47 years old and nearing its 50-year lifespan, has raised concerns about its safety for heavy vehicles.

Mukay emphasized the urgency for repairs, advocating for a variation order in the bridge widening project to incorporate the necessary restoration measures, ensuring safe travel for commuters.


To mitigate travel disruptions, Mukay suggested alternative routes providing options for motorists affected by the bridge limitations. The proposed detours include the Nambaran, Tabuk-Abbot, Isabela route for those heading to Tuguegarao or Rizal and the Burayucan-Rizal or Balong-Kinama routes for travelers coming from Dagupan.


Acknowledging the inconvenience caused by these restrictions, the DPWH-LKDEO plans to post traffic advisories at strategic locations to warn motorists about the limitations and encourage them to use alternative routes for their safety and convenience.