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'Urayen tayo iti imbestigasyon tapnu mai-file ti kaso' - Kalinga police to Butbut tribe

Updated: Mar 27, 2023

Tabuk City, Kalinga – Amidst the rising tension between Butbut tribe of Tinglayan, Kalinga and Betwagan tribe of Sadanga, Mt. Province over a long time boundary dispute, Kalinga police asked for the former to wait for the shooting probe so they can file cases against perpetrators.

On March 14, Edward Alunday, 27, and Richard Sagwil, 40, of Bugnay, Tinglayan were allegedly shot by members of Betwagan tribe while they were on their way to bring food to their tribesmen who were then planting palay at Mt. Kumaykay.

The shooters were positioned above the portion of the foot trail, around 500 meters away from the location of the victims, report of the police said.

Sustaining gunshot wound on his left eye, Sagwil immediately died. Alunday, meanwhile, survived the shot in his left abdomen.

Peace Talks

In his recent interview, Kalinga Police Information Officer, PCapt. Ruff Manganip said since his assumption to office, the Provincial Director of Kalinga police, PCol. Charles Domallig has been initiating talks between the concerned local government units for a “win-win solution.”

“Haan tayo nga agsa-side ngem nakita tayo met piman nga adda ti panagtungpal da iti bilin ti kapulisan ken bilin met dagiti local government unit tayo nga haan tayo pay nga agaramid kuma ti maikaniwas,” Manganip stated, referring to Butbut tribe.

The police information officer asked the tribe to remain calm and controlled while the investigation on the incident is underway.

“Urayen tayo iti imbestigasyon tapnu i-file tayo ti kaso nga murder ken frustrated murder kadagitoy perpetrators nu ma-identify wennu maamwan nu sino dagitoy nagaramid… ta ni han da met nga dengdenggen iti pagsasaritaan ti both local government units so idiay tayo ladta korte’n nga agkikinnita,” he added.

To prevent bloodshed, Domallig ordered heightened police presence and increased patrol efforts of Kalinga police to the tribes’ boundary. Personnel of mobile forces from Mt. Province are also doing their rounds at the area.


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