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5 rebels killed in Sta. Teresita Cagayan

Sta Teresita, Cagayan - Five (5) members of the New People’s Army were found dead in the mountainous area of Barangay Dungeg, Sta. Teresita Cagayan today, September 22, 2021.

According to Cagayan Public Information Office, the 5th Infantry Division (5ID) Philippine Army confirmed discovering five dead bodies which was a result of the airstrike launched by the Philippine Air Force yesterday afternoon.

Before the airstrike, it can be recalled that the army had exchanged fire against 40 rebels encamped in the area.

The clearing operation is now being done by the military as well as pursuit operations to get the remaining members of the rebel group believed to be showing presence and force in the said municipality.

Meantime, the Philippine National Police and members of local government units in Sta. Teresita are on heightened alert placing checkpoints in key places to monitor movements and exit of the group.

The Army advised the public to inform them of any suspicious people or situations which could lead to arresting the remaining members of the rebels.

In the data provided by the 5ID PA, they have also recovered Two (2) 5.56 M16 Rifles; One (1) 5.56 Bushmaster Rifle; Five (5) Anti-Personnel Mines (APMs); One (1) hand grenade; Four (4) magazines of M16 rifle; Seven (7) ammo of M79 grenade launcher; One (1) roll detonating cord; Five (5) Baofeng radios; Two (2) radio charger; Five (5) SD cards; Four (4) USBs; Four (4) Cellphones; One (1) camera; One (1) tablet; Medical supplies and equipment; at Subversive documents.


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