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Apayao logs 125 'single-day tally' of Covid-19 cases

Updated: Aug 13, 2021

Apayao, Philippines - In a Facebook post of the Apayao Provincial IATF Information Center, it reported that the Province of Apayao recorded 125 new COVID-19 positive cases today, August 12, 2021.

This is a single-day record and one of the highest ever logged in a single-day tally "since the pandemic began following the 81 cases recorded on August 1."

The cases are yet to be validated, the report stated, and that the number may change later.

The report did not mention whether the surge has something to do with the highly transmissible Delta variant which was found in the province earlier.

Most of the cases, according to the post, are in Luna, followed by Pudtol and Kabugao - 59 cases, 25, and 23, respectively. Flora and Conner, meantime, logged the lowest with 3 and 4 cases, respectively.

The Apayao Provincial IATF is encouraging "those who have had contacts and interactions with the index cases two days before symptoms appeared (date swabbed for asymptomatic cases) and 14 days afterward to come forward and coordinate with their respective Rural Health Units (RHUs)."


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