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Baguio prepares for Panagbenga's grand showcase

Updated: Jan 25

Baguio City, Philippines - As the excitement builds for the upcoming Baguio Flower Festival, the City Tourism Office is taking proactive measures to ensure a successful and secure Panagbenga 2024.


The collaborative efforts with the Baguio Flower Festival Foundation Incorporated (BFFI) are not only focused on the grand celebration but also on prioritizing safety and logistical efficiency.


Tourism Officer Engr. Aloysius Mapalo shared insights into the meticulous preparations that commenced in December, emphasizing key areas such as crowd control, traffic management, and logistical intricacies to guarantee the smooth unfolding of events.

With the recent surge in visitor numbers, the City Tourism Office, alongside festival organizers, is actively addressing concerns related to crowd management through strategic measures.


Amidst the festive anticipation, a spotlight has been placed on safeguarding tourists against the growing threat of online scams.


Mapalo urged visitors to exercise vigilance, especially when engaging in transactions related to accommodation, and recommended the use of the official VISITA app for verification. This precautionary step aims to shield tourists from falling victim to scammers targeting online transactions.


Meanwhile, Mayor Benjamin Magalong affirmed his commitment to a thriving Panagbenga 2024.


As the public eagerly awaits the grand spectacle of Panagbenga 2024, the city government and festival organizers stand united in their dedication to making this event a secure, enjoyable, and unforgettable experience for everyone involved.