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DOLE-CAR RD Lacambra reminds TUPAD payees to 'use wages wisely, invest in livestock'

Tabuk City, Kalinga – During the first batch of cash payout for Tulong Panghanapbuhay sa Ating Disadvantage (TUPAD) beneficiaries today, Jan. 11, Department of Labor and Employment-Cordillera Regional Director Nathaniel Lacambra, in his speech, encouraged the beneficiaries to spend the money they will be receiving wisely.

Lacambra told beneficiaries not to waste their hard-earned money, emphasizing that they did not receive the grant without working for it.

The grantees have worked for 10 days and 15 days in their communities to earn their wages.

“Daytoy [a grant] haan yu a dinawat daytoy, nagrigatan yu iti 10 days, nirugitan yu ima yu tapnu maala yu daytoy a kwarta. Nagrigatan [yu] ket ammuk a nasayaat ti papanan na daytoy a kwarta a maawat yu,” Lacambra stressed.

Even how small the amount is, the director said grantees must try to invest it in a pair of livestock (ducks, chicken) to raise and the rest be spent for their family’s need.

Lacambra also mentioned about the possible next batch of beneficiaries for 2022. He explained that recipients for this batch may not be the same beneficiaries, saying that this is to give a chance for others to get the same assistance from the government.

“Adda manen ti [TUPAD for] 2022. Nu pay haan a dakayu ti agbalin a beneficiaries manen, baybay-an yu ta dagitoy met kakabsat, asawa, a-annak ken dadduma pay a kabagyan yu ti agbalin a beneficiaries.” Lacambra said.

Meanwhile, he expressed concern over some practices in other places wherein beneficiaries are asked to give part of their grant to people who put them on the list of beneficiaries.

“Haan yu kuma a lala-okan iti madi [daytoy mayat a programa] kas iti naaramid iti dadduma a luglugar, nu maysa laeng a nagtrabaho for ten days… gayam adda dagita dadduma nga agkomkomisyon. Adda dagita dumaw-dawat a gapu kanu ta isu da nanglista ti nagnagan yu, [agkomisyon da]. Idulin yu dayta ta nagrigatan yu,” he said.

“So sapay la kuma kakabsat ta uray sangkakabassit laeng ket makatulong kadakayu,” Lacambra added.

Today, 850 beneficiaries have received their payment for the job they accomplished last December, at the Provincial Gymnasium. Of the 85O recipients, 650 received their payment for their 10 days’ work, amounting to P3,500 each and 200 received P5,250 each for their 15 days of community service.


“Ti nagaget, nu agtudu ti balituk, ket makapidut”- Gov. Tubban

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