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Gov. Tubban issues order for implementation of COVID-19 Alert Level 4 Guidelines

Tabuk City, Kalinga – As the national government’s COVID-19 task force elevated Kalinga along with three other provinces in the country into the more restrictive alert level 4 starting Friday, January 21 to January 31, 2022, Governor Ferdinand Tubban issued executive order number 8 or the mandate prescribing the guidelines for the implementation of the alert level system in the province.

Earlier the alert level was raised due to the rising COVID-19 cases in the past days.

With said order, intrazonal and interzonal travel within Kalinga will be allowed except for those below 18, and those belonging to the vulnerable population, such as those over 65 years old, those with comorbidities and other health risks, and pregnant women.

In this connection, the province will accept the VaxCertPh digital certificate or LGU-issued card, whichever is available, for purposes of travel.

“Those who cannot present the above-said certificate or card are required to present a negative result of Rapid Antigen Test taken twelve (12) hours before the travel or to undergo RAT, if available, and if the result yielded negative, the travelers will be allowed entry.

Registration and execution of the following are also required, t0 wits: S-PASS REGISTRATION, bps://s-pass.pol. ,”the EO added.

Moreover, in accordance with existing labor laws, rules, and regulations, those below 18 or belonging to the vulnerable population will be allowed access to obtain essential goods and services, and for work in permitted industries and offices.

What are prohibited activities?

Under said alert level, prohibited are face-to-face classes; all contact sports; cinemas and movie houses; kid amusement industries; venues with live voice or wind instrument performers, such as karaoke bars; casinos, horse racing, cockfighting, lottery and betting shops, and other gaming establishments; and gatherings in residences with individuals not belonging to the same household.

Restrictions of activities and establishments

Establishments and activities will be allowed at 10 percent indoor venue capacity for fully vaccinated individuals and 30 percent outdoor capacity provided that workers or employees are fully vaccinated and that minimum public health standards are followed.

Added to this, there should be no objection from the LGU whose jurisdiction covers the area where the activities will take place.

These include religious gatherings; licensure or entrance exams; dining services; personal care establishments; fitness studio gyms and venues for noncontact exercise and sports subject to DTI sector specific protocols; film, music, and television production; venues for meetings and exhibitions; permitted venues for social events; visitor and tourist attractions; amusement parks; theme parks and venues such as internet cafes, billiard halls and amusement arcades.

Necrological services, wakes, inurnments, and funerals for those who did not die of COVID-19, and the cremated remains of those who died of COVID-19, will be allowed but limited to immediate family members.

Government agencies should remain operational and should have at least a 20 percent on-site workforce while applying work-from-home and other flexible work arrangements.

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