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Tanudan receives national recognition for ‘high functional’ rating in anti-illegal drug campaign

Tanudan, Kalinga – The Municipality of Tanudan was recently recognized for its ‘exemplary performance’ in completing the National Government’s Anti-Illegal Drug Campaign, gaining ‘ideal’ or high functional rating.

The plaque of recognition was received by Mayor Jaedicke Rhoss Dagadag this December 15 at Laoagan Resort in Tabuk City. Only ‘ideal’ or the Anti-Drug Abuse Council with high functionality are eligible for the national recognition.

Tanudan garnered a score of 95 and 95 during the conduct of 2019 and 2020 Anti-Drug Abuse Council Performance Audit.

In an interview, Mayor Dagadag said the municipality was able to get the award due to the concerted efforts of the local government unit, the barangay officials, and the Philippine National Police in Tanudan.

Dagadag recalled that they were able to achieve a drug free municipality by encouraging the drug users to surrender when he took office as the mayor of Tanudan in 2019.

Apart from this, with the help of the barangay officials and the police, various meetings and engagements were done in the community in order to raise awareness that illegal drugs will bring them no good.

“Isu piman diay nagpapa-meeting kami, napan mi inbagbaga kadagiti barangay nga kastoy iti epekto na [ti illegal drugs], madi dayta, diay met piman iti nagrugrugyan na. Dagiay ubbing nga agus-usar binagbagaan mi da isuda … pati dagiay mother ken nagannak da,” Dagadag recalled.

“Patyen yu siyak ta inpadas ko dayta kunkunak,” he added.

The mayor stressed he is not going to tolerate illegal drug use and selling in Tanudan, saying the LGU, barangay, and the police are working hand in hand in order to sustain a drug-free municipality.

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