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80 road-clearing-affected families in Tabuk given free lot by VM Dao-as express gratitude

Tabuk City, Kalinga – The families who received a free lot to put up their houses from Vice-Mayor Bernard Glenn Dao-as expressed gratitude for having heard their request.

In 2019, during the implementation of road clearing in the city thru the Road Right of Way directive, many families were affected with several losing their homes due to the demolition.

While there have been promises by Tabuk City LGU under Mayor Darwin Estranero that they will give a lot to eligible families affected so they can rebuild their house, no lot was awarded to the road clearing beneficiaries in the last 3 years.

Pedro Macabadbad, one of the 80 beneficiaries granted a free lot by Dao-as, recounted that their house in Appas was demolished by the clearing. They sought assistance from the city government, and they were promised a space in an area in Mapaoay. They were told to look for a temporary place to live for the meantime; however, when they followed up the lot promised to them, they were told that it was yet to be improved.

“Tatta idi napan kami kada Mayor, awan latta met. Kunan ni Mayor nga agan-anus kayo manung. Agkita kayo pay lang dita ti pagyanan yu pay laeng a temporary ta nu maala mi daytoy - diay Mapaoay sa, ket kunana met nga dakayun tu ti mailista dita kunana. Namintallo a napan ni baket ken dagidiay kakadwa mi idi ket isu kunana met nga urayen yu lang bassit ta improven da pay kunana,” Macabadbad recalled.

Macabadbad further narrated that they decided to approach Dao-as after learning that the latter is donating his own lot to displaced families. He added that they just told the vice mayor their concern and Dao-as automatically showed them his lot.

“Diay lang panagibaga iti problema mi, mga … trese [kami] … in-automatic na met, sir. Napan na inpakita daytoy kakaiso nga lote na ditoy ket nakursunadaan mi met isu’t gapu na nga inummay kami nagbalay,” he said.

With what Dao-as did to them, Macabadbad shared his realizations that a person who doesn’t talk much and announce what he has done for his constituents is the one who fulfills his words.

“Para kanyak laeng nga mang obserbar, haan unay nga natagari ni Vice Mayor nga ag-Mayor ngem dakkel ti [maaramid] na ta aksyon agad. Han nga kasla dadduma nga nabannug kan tun, narunut tun diay ruot diay para-angan dan ket han da paylang natungpal diay sasaoen da,” he stressed.

Macabadbad further emphasized that as a choice on who will be the next leader of Tabuk, it would be Dao-as, since he is assured that he can address the concerns of the people, and the one who could truly help the constituents of Tabuk City.


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