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Baguio City police stations, operating units 100% drug-free

Baguio City, Philippines – Living up to their 'Baguio's finest' tagline, all Baguio City police stations and units have been declared drug-free workplaces.


In a ceremony held at the Baguio City Police Office (BCPO) on January 25, the Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency Cordillera officially proclaimed all the police stations, operating units, and the headquarters of the BCPO as 100% drug-free.


According to the Baguio City Public Information Office, the proclamation followed the successful completion of the rigorous evaluation process by the 10 police stations and 4 operating units in the city.

This process included mandatory drug tests for 841 personnel, all of whom tested negative for illegal drug use.


The BCPO headquarters, in the meantime, had previously been recognized as a drug-free workplace on November 13, 2023.


In his message, Baguio City Police Director, PCol. Francisco Bulwayan, commended the police force in the city for maintaining a workplace free of illegal drugs.


“Every time we have a newly appointed PDEA-CAR Regional Director, BCPO has achieved unprecedented success, securing awards to be the first in every category. With your arrival, all offices under BCPO will now be officially declared as First City Police Office drug-free workplaces for the entire Philippines,” he was quoted as saying.


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