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Cong. Mangaoang underscores importance of KNHS Access Road

Tabuk City, Kalinga – Congressman Allen Jesse Mangaoang described the Access Road of Kalinga National High School as a means to provide a wider link where knowledge shall freely navigate to improve every student’s intellect.

Mangaoang highlighted this in his keynote message during the inauguration program of the access road held on Wednesday, April 27, 2022.

The solon congratulated the school for the recent development, saying ‘the school has now a beautiful road to fulfill its mandate to serve as a bulwark of quality education.’

The concreting of the access road, he said, is a tangible manifestation of the government advocacy to make every school attractive, accessible, and conducive for children to learn.

Also, the completion of the project, according to Mangaoang, is a symbol of cooperation in ensuring safety for all, especially the teachers and students who will be using the premises of the school.

“When we improve accessibility, we do not only connect places. We also connect aspirations with achievements, optimism with opportunities, and hope with happiness,” added the congressman.

Mangaoang further stated that KNHS deserves more improvement, being a host to the CARAA ground, the premier sporting facility of Kalinga. The school, he pointed out, gives an impression to all other schools when the province hosts bigger athletic competitions.

“That is why in the previous budget deliberations in Congress, we haggled for more funding for the construction of new buildings and facilities in our two Schools Division. If you have noticed, it was in the past six years that state-of-the-art school buildings grew like mushrooms on our school campuses,” relayed the solon.

He then asked for the public’s support for him to continue these developments in the next three years.


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