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Kalinga mobilizes science, technology and innovation committee for economic development

Updated: May 20

Tabuk City, Kalinga - Science, technology, and innovation are essential to economic growth.


Thus, the provincial government of Kalinga, led by Governor James Edduba, created a committee that aims to boost the province’s economic development.


The committee is primarily tasked with crafting a science, technology, and innovation plan responsive to the priority needs of various sectors in the province.


As cited, the group was recently formed during the quarterly meeting attended by the various national line agencies and stakeholders.

The body includes the provincial offices of the Department of Information and Communication Technology, the Department of Trade and Industry, the Department of Education, and Kalinga State University.


Additionally, the committee is supported by a technical working group comprised of the city and municipal planning and development coordinators, along with the provincial board.


DOST, for its part, is now facilitating the preparation of the document through its Science Innovation, Science, and Technology for Accelerating Regional Technology-based Development or iSTART program.


This DOST initiative aims to help the LGUs in the province create their technology-based development plan for the agri-based, manufacturing, and services sectors; engage local researchers, and scientists, among others.