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Goat in Abra gives birth to quintuplets

Abra, Philippines – A doe or nanny normally gives birth to two to three kids per pregnancy.


In Abra, a doe beat 1 in 10,000 odds to deliver quintuplets.


Ely Camunay Jr., the owner of the goat, through Abra TV, said he expected that his eldest doe would have two kids as she did in her four previous births, but he was surprised when more kids came out after an hour.


All the kids were born alive and healthy. Three of which are female, while the other two are male.


To help them, Camunay buys milk to feed the kids at least three times a day.


Dr. Jomarh Zales of the Provincial Veterinary Office said such a birth is rare, and it is his first time hearing news of a doe giving birth to quintuplets in the province.


“Siguro idi nag-pamanada da ti kalding, lima ti na-fertile sunga diay nagbalin nga lima ti na-produce ta mostly ti kalding, twins lang wennu duwa-duwa,” he explained in an interview with the local media.


To keep the kids healthy, he recommends that the owner give them vitamins or visit their office for assistance.