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43-yr.-old mom in Isabela graduates from high school, decides to go to college

Updated: Jun 13

While academic activities could be more challenging for older people, they sure can still excel in them.


This is what 43-year-old mom, Merian Estorninos of San Mariano, Isabela, demonstrated when she recently graduated ‘with high honors’ at the San Jose Integrated School.


During an interview with Bombo Radyo Cauayan, Merian recounted that when she was younger, she used to be an honor student. However, she lost interest in studying when she got to high school.


In spite of her parents’ efforts to convince her to continue with her studies, she opted to stop and work in Cauayan City and later got married.


She never got back to school until the thought crossed her mind years later while she was at school with her child.


Merian’s motivation to go back to school


Merian finally revisited the idea of studying again while spending most of her days at school, looking after her child who is studying.

When she made up her mind, she took the Alternative Learning System exam where she passed the test. She later enrolled for senior high school under the General Academics Strand and took her studies seriously amidst negative feedback from people who believe it was unnecessary for her to study again because of her age.


Now that she finished high school, Merian will be pursuing an education degree to fulfill her aspiration of becoming a professional teacher.

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