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‘P250 congestion fee when entering Session Road is just a plan and not yet final’ – Mayor Magalong

Baguio City, Philippines – A company in charge of the proposed Smart Urban Mobility Project in Baguio City is suggesting a congestion fee of P250 when motorists enter Session Road - the summer capital’s central business district.


The proposal was made by the Metro Pacific Tollways Corporation (MPTC) to solve the city’s traffic problem.


Said scheme is currently being implemented in some major cities worldwide, including Singapore, London, and New York, among others.

Apart from solving traffic congestion, the proposal is viewed as a solution to lessening carbon emissions and energy consumption within the area. Discipline among motorists would also be fostered, as a result.


The plan, however, has some exceptions. Among exempted vehicles include public jeepneys, vehicles driven by elderlies and physically-challenged individuals, uniformed personnel on duty and emergency-response vehicles.


Baguio residents, meantime, will be offered a rebate, while other vehicles such as taxis and government vehicles utilized in approved travel orders will be given discounts.


In a statement to the media on Monday, June 10, Mayor Benjamin Magalong clarified that the congestion fee is only a proposal made by the MPTC and not yet a final decision.


He further explained that as part of the so-called transparent governance and the advocacy on citizen participation, a series of engagements with the public are currently being conducted to explain the whole concept of the Smart Urban Mobility Project and gather opinions from Baguio residents.

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