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Man in Isabela arrested for raping 12-yr.-old daughter

Isabela, Philippines – A tragic story was relayed by a 12-year-old girl in Isabela.


While her mom was away working overseas, she was repeatedly abused by her own father.


According to a police investigation, the victim was left under the care of her dad hidden under the name ‘Uwak’, 33, when her mom went abroad to work.

Sadly, instead of being safe under her father’s watch, the 12-year-old allegedly suffered being sexually abused for a year (2022 – 2023).


During said period, the suspect would get drunk and rape her. The teenager never told anyone of the incidents for some time due to the threats of the suspect.


It was only when the school guidance counselor talked to the girl after noticing her strange behavior that the sexual abuses she experienced were known and were reported to her mother, and later to the authorities.


On June 6, 2024, Uwak was put behind bars after his warrant of arrest issued by the Regional Trial Court Branch 21 was served.


The Police Regional Office 2 reported that the accused was tagged as the Top 7 Most Wanted Person in Cagayan Valley.

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