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Benguet may return plastic barriers in PUJ’s due to non-compliance with 70% capacity

Updated: Jan 9, 2022

La Trinidad, Benguet – Benguet may return plastic dividers inside Public Utility Jeepney’s (PUJs) said Miguel Luma-ang, manager of the Benguet Operators and Drivers Association, as they continue to receive reports and complaints regarding non-compliance with the 70 percent capacity rate and minimum public health standards of jeepneys.

The local government here allowed jeepney operators and drivers plying Baguio to La Trinidad road on December 6 to remove plastic barriers with the condition that they follow the minimum health protocol and the 70% capacity rate.

However, Luma-ang said that the local government may ask drivers to return plastic barriers in their PUJ because said protocols are not being followed.

He explained that having plastic barriers will ensure the implementation of the 70 percent capacity rate.

According to Luma-ang, they have received many complaints from concerned citizens regarding those who load their jeepneys with passengers even beyond normal capacity, especially during the night trip.

Luma-ang, however, mentioned that many operators and drivers both in Baguio and La Trinidad have not yet removed plastic barriers in their PUJs since the implementation of the policy.

As of yesterday, December 17, Benguet had only 34 COVID-19 active cases and most of its municipalities recorded zero confirmed cases including La Trinidad, which is currently categorized under minimal epidemic risk. Baguio City, on the other hand, recorded only one new confirmed case and only 20 active cases.


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