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‘Warrior’s Nest’ nature park in La Trinidad, Benguet NOW OPEN to public for FREE

La Trinidad, Benguet - Among the popular attractions in the Cordillera region nowadays is the newly launched ‘Warrior’s Nest’ located in Puguis Communal Forest, La Trinidad, Benguet featuring an obstacle course, relaxing scenery, children’s swings, seesaw, and picnic area which can be accessed by the public without paying entrance or any other fee.

The nature park initiated by the 2nd Benguet Provincial Mobile Force Company was formally opened on December 10 with Mayor Romeo Salda and 2nd BPMFC Commander, Police Lieutenant Benson Macli-ing, gracing the event.

In an interview with PTV Cordillera, Macli-ing narrated that when they started planting trees in the adopted land area measuring 8,982.81 square meters, they observed regular visits of the community, especially hikers.

This prompted the 2nd BPMFC to create the park, making use of mostly recycled materials and confiscated logs.

Mayor Salda, during the park’s launching, gave appreciation to Macli-ing and personnel for the development.

“Mayat karkaru tatta nga tiyempo ti pandemya, kailangan ti physical activities karkaru dagiti ubbing,” Roger Walas, one of those who explored Warrior’s Nest, said.

Mac-iling appealed to those planning to visit the park to avoid destroying the plants nearby and maintain its cleanliness by taking their garbage with them.

“Pag-alis na naman ninyo, iuwi niyo yung mga basura ninyo tsaka ingatan yung mga tanim. Huwag tayong mag-stay sa part na maraming tanim dahil malawak naman, about 1,000 square meters naman yung picnic ground tsaka tingnan natin na hindi natin sirain yung mga ginawa po namin doon dahil hindi yun pondo ng gobyerno, kundi galing po sa 2nd Benguet PMFC,” requested the commander.

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