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‘Better allot 80% of your fund for Covid-19 vaccine” - Cong. Mangaoang’s advice to LGUs

Tabuk City, Kalinga―Congressman Allen Jesse Mangaoang emphasized that every municipality and the city in the province of Kalinga should allot 80% of their funds for the purchase of CoViD-19 vaccines considering its entire population.

In an interview with the Congressman, he strongly suggested that majority of development funds of the Local Government Units (LGUs) in Kalinga should be for CoViD-19 vaccines and not to take this for granted or they shall be left behind.

“Nu mabalin kuma ket 80% of their funds, development funds dapat ipan da ti CoViD-19 vaccines. Iorder da tattan, agplace dan ti order dan, ibudget dan for 2021, isu ti inbagak kanyada. Haan nga mabalin nga ibaring baring da lang dayta, this is not a wasting time attitude, adda metten ti inbaga da napintas nga vaccine edi gatangen tayon,” he said.

In addition, he said that every LGU should budget for the entire population ensuring every constituent shall be vaccinated.

“And nu agibudget da, they should budget for the entire population of the LGU, haan lang nga for the frontliners, haan lang nga dagiti LGU personnel, but entire population of the LGU concern. Nu haan da nga kaya mapondoan this year uray next year tu manen pondoan dan tu manen,” he further said.

Mangaong has been pushing for vaccines and not isolation units since he believes it is late to be still be planning on putting up facilities for quarantine. He said long before the surge of CoViD-19 cases in the province, he was pushing LGU officials to have their own isolation units in every barangay to serve the CoViD-19 patients.

Unfortunately, some did not yet have their isolation facilities and are using buildings of the Department of Education.

Meantime, Mangaoang calls on all YKalingas to follow the minimum health standards and IATF protocols as the province continue to battle with the virus.

“Iti ibagbagak lang ti CoViD ket umay nga umay dayta, ti ar aramiden tayo lang itatta ket pigilan tayo lang iti panag umay na, itantantan tayo lang ti panag umay na tapno makaready tayo. But anyway, ti ibagbagak tatta ket let us protect ourselves, follow the minimum IATF protocols, diyay lang ti kayat tayo nga ikunam kunam,” he said.


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