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Engineer stabbed multiple times by a construction worker

Updated: Jun 16, 2021

Tabuk City, Kalinga — A 24-year-old engineer was stabbed multiple times by a construction worker on Monday evening, June 14, along the national road in Bacras, Bulanao.

Police Chief Master Sergeant Heston Apatas, Tabuk City Police Station Chief Investigator said that based on the initial investigation, the victim went to the construction site to speak with the construction workers regarding their issues and concerns.

After their talk, the victim turned to converse with his fellow engineer, when all of a sudden the suspect appeared and repeatedly stabbed him on various parts of his body.

“Idi nalpas na sinaksak, timmaray diay suspect. Tapos intaray da idiay Holy Trinity Clinic diay biktima,” Apatas said.

The police immediately conducted hot pursuit to apprehend the suspect and have also coordinated with the elders for his possible surrender.

However, on June 15, the police received information that the suspect already surrendered to the Director of the National Bureau of Investigation in Region II.

The suspect will be turned over to the Philippine National Police as a procedure.

Meanwhile, Apatas said the victim is stable but still under observation. The police, he said, have yet to talk to the victim once allowed by the attending physician.

Investigation of the case is still ongoing and a case for frustrated murder is being prepared against the suspect.


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