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Mend or Break: Annulment cases in Baguio up by 9.16%

Baguio City, Philippines – Since the release of the movie, “That Thing Called Tadhana”, the Summer Capital of the Philippines has become famous as a go-to place for broken-hearted people.


Many attested that Baguio City serves as a safe haven and it has a healing power for those going through a rough patch.


Records, however, showed that the known place for mending the broken has recorded a 9.6 percent increase in annulment cases.

With this, the Registration Officer of the Local Civil Registry Office, Marieta Joven, through the City Public Information Office reminded the importance of marriage as ‘a sacred union between two individuals, a celebration of love, commitment, and partnership.’


Joven underscored that despite the demanding schedules in today’s fast-paced world, marital relationships should be prioritized as the success of a marriage is determined by the individuals involved. Simply having meaningful conversations could help.


She further refuted the misconception of regarding marriage as merely a piece of paper or money. The public, she urged, should recognize the immense value held within this document.


The civil registrar likewise emphasized to married individuals and those contemplating marriage the critical pillars of love, trust and respect within a relationship.