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“Plake ng Pagpupugay at Pasasalamat” conferred to Pasil Outgoing Officials

Pasil, Kalinga – The municipal government of Pasil led by Alfredo “Chao-ig” Malannag Jr. awarded on Tuesday, June 28 “Plake ng Pagpupugay at Pasasalamat” in honor of the invaluable contribution of the outgoing officials to the local governance and development.

The event was held alongside the oath taking of newly elected officials and turn over ceremony at the Municipal Covered Court, Amdalao.

Outgoing Vice-Mayor Theodoro Mosing was recognized for successfully presiding in the Sanggunian Bayan Batch 2019-2022.

Mosing, as described by SB Secretary Aileen Limto, was always available and can be reached ‘in just a text away’ amid the onslaught of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Also awarded were:

  • Senior Councilor Marlo P. Bagni, a cheerful legislator, according to Limto. He chaired three committees: Finance Budget Appropriation Ways and Means, Health and Sanitation, and Labor and Employment. Bagni sponsored 49 resolutions, five ordinances, and 20 appropriation ordinances.

  • Junior Councilor Robert Bilarmino D. Ganito – chaired the Committees on Cooperative, Trade, Commerce, and Industry. He co-chaired other committees, and sponsored 42 resolutions, 4 ordinances, and 10 appropriation ordinances.

  • Speedy D. Lapaddic – chaired the Public Works and Utilities, Facilities Infrastructure, and Special Projects. He co-chaired three other committees and sponsored 35 resolutions, five ordinances, and five appropriation ordinances.

  • Washington B. Bakidan – reports to the office even on holidays. He chaired the Committee on Agriculture and the Committee on Agrarian Reform and Energy. He was a co-chairman in one other committee and sponsored 38 resolutions, three ordinances, and nine appropriations.

  • Shirley T. Taclawan – chaired Education, Culture, and Arts and co-chaired three other committees. The only girl member of SB. She sponsored 27 resolutions, one ordinance and three appropriations.

  • Leonardo A. Banatao – chaired the Disaster Risk Reduction and Management and co-chaired two other committees. He sponsored 31 resolutions, two ordinances and six appropriations.

  • Ronnie B. Bawalan – the most active and most diligent in the group who chaired Peace and Order, Public Safety and Human Rights, and Anti-Drug Abuse. He is a co-chairman in one other committee. Bawalan sponsored 33 resolutions, 16 ordinances and six appropriations.

  • Jaime Bawagan – chaired the Committees on Good Governance, Public Ethics, Accountability and Grievance; Women and Children Family and Social Welfare; and Tourism. He co-chaired one other committee and sponsored 26 resolutions, three ordinances and nine appropriations.

The plaque was conferred by re-elected Mayor Malannag with the assistance of Municipal Local Government Operations Officer Helen Lacuesta.

Malannag said Pasil will be forever grateful for the service and sacrifices of the honorees and assured that what they started will be continued by his administration.


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