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14 intruders in Baguio arrested after forcing family to leave their house in 5 minutes

Baguio City, Philippines – Fourteen individuals clad in military-designed uniform were reported to have forcibly entered a house in MRR Queen of Peace on November 1.

The Baguio City Police Station in Naguilian Road reports that the home owners said that the alleged intruders were wearing a combination of colors green, brown, and black pixelized military designed uniform of the Cordillera Interaction Assistance Group.

They also related that the suspects forcibly opened the gate of their house and allegedly ordered the occupants to leave the house in five minutes, otherwise they will be put behind bars.

Said individuals presented a letter from the client which was said to be identified as a certain Flores Guillermo Silo whom they claimed to be the owner of the house. Additionally, the suspects were also said to have taken photographs of the occupants and the house.

The police have responded to the incident and arrested the 14 individuals. A case of Trespassing, Grave Coercion, and Violation of Republic Act 493 article 179 (Unauthorized use of Military Uniform) is being prepared against them.

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