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2 men gunned down in Abra, suspects still at large

Updated: Dec 8, 2021

Dolores, Abra - Two men died on the spot after they were shot by still unidentified suspects on December 4, while sleeping in a nipa hut at Sitio Talingdan, Barangay Cardona, Dolores, Abra.

The victims were identified as Edmond Lizardi Balboa, 28, and his uncle Danilo Tejero Trinidad, 58, married. Both are residents of said barangay.

Dolores Municipal Police Station said they received a call from a concerned citizen who reported the shooting, prompting them to respond immediately.

Personnel of the Dolores MPS immediately coordinated to La Paz MPS to conduct checkpoints while their personnel responded to the crime scene.

Dolores MPS initial investigation, as reported by Abra Today, revealed that Trinidad and his nephew were sleeping in a hovel of a certain Talingdan when they were fired at by unidentified suspects, killing them instantly.

Crime investigator PSMS Premier Buenavista, in an interview with Abra Today, said that personnel of Abra Provincial Forensic Unit led PLT. John Patrick V. Dela Cruz discovered 20 capsules of 5.56 M-16 and 15 capsules of caliber 45 at the crime scene.

Buenavista said the victims both sustained gunshot wounds in the head and several in their bodies. He said the body of the victims will undergo an autopsy to check the exact number of gunshot wounds the victims sustained.

Dolores MPS admitted they have not yet discovered any clue about the identity of the suspects and their motive for killing the victims.

Dolores Municipal Police Station is asking the cooperation of all concerned citizens to provide them information regarding the whereabouts of the suspects for them to be immediately arrested and to give justice to the victims.


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