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5 bakeries in Kalinga supply nutribun bread to schools to fight malnutrition

Updated: Oct 9, 2022

Tabuk City, Kalinga – Department of Science and Technology-Kalinga reported that five bakery shops are now supplying E-Nutribuns to schools in the province as a means to earn while helping the fight against malnutrition.

The enhanced nutribun or E-Nutribun is the new variation of the well-known bread in the 70s. It is a technology developed by the Department of Science and Technology- Food, Nutrition and Research Institute (DOST-FNRI) to address hunger and malnutrition.

The 5 establishments, EJ-ED highlands flavor, Mt. Zion Bakery, Cabaruan Multipurpose Cooperative and Kajchilan Multipurpose Cooperative of Balbalan, are called adoptors since they are businesses that adopt new technology or innovation to enhance their products.

“At present, there are five (5) adopters in Kalinga. Three (3) of which are from Tabuk City. In 2021, these adopters were capacitated through the conduct of virtual technology transfer training and demonstration and, at the same time, were assessed with the compliance of their facilities. Now, they are supplying E-Nutribuns to agencies such as Dep-Ed Kalinga, Dep-Ed Tabuk City, and DSWD in support of their feeding programs,” disclosed the department in its press release.

The said bakeries are now supplying E-Nutribun to the Department of Education in Kalinga (DepED-Kalinga), Dep-Ed Tabuk City, and the Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD) for the feeding programs and fight against problems with nutrition among young learners.

Said bread comes in three variants - squash, carrot, and sweet potato.

DOST-Kalinga said the E-Nutribun product contains more micronutrients like iron and vitamin A, which help the immune system. It is made with a softer texture and weighs 160- 165 grams per piece, making it easier for children to hold and bite.

In the country, it was reported that there are 79 licensed adopters of E-Nutribun since it was launched in 2021.


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