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7 men arrested for failed attempt to smuggle million-worth marijuana from Kalinga

Updated: Mar 12, 2021

Tabuk City, Kalinga – Despite strategic attempts of seven individuals to smuggle suspected Marijuana from the province on Wednesday, March 10, they all ended up in jail after two successful police operations.

Following the arrest of 4 men in Barangay Bantay at around 11 o’clock in the morning, the police were able to track and arrest 3 of their cohorts.

Kalinga Police Provincial Director PCol. Davy Vicente Limmong, in an interview, said that upon the arrest of the first 4 individuals who were ferrying around P13,440,000 alleged marijuana, they were interrogated by the police and learned that there were three more people involved but using another vehicle.

Limmong said that they thought the cohorts went back to Bontoc so a check point was set up at the exit in Bontoc and Tabuk City, but the operation yielded negative. He said they could have figured out that their companions were arrested so they changed route.

“Haan mi nga inasahan nga iti nagnaan da Rizal gayam, Romualdez. Idi naamwan mi a kasdiay, immediately naki-coordinate kami Region 2 ken Quezon Municipal Police Station ket nag- set up da metten iti check point. Idiay da a naala idiay Quezon dagiay tallo,” he said.

The suspects who were onboard a Suzuki Ertiga were identified as Prince John Lord Paluyo, 20, resident of Cavite; Cyrus Crisologo, 18, resident of Makati City, and a minor aged 17-year-old, and resident of Antipolo City.

Confiscated items include suspected marijuana – 3 in large sachets, 8 in small transparent sachets, and 2 in tubular. A suspected bottle of cannabis oil, one hashish marijuana in brick form, an improvised shotgun, two pieces ammos for 12-gauge shotgun, two cellphones, and the suspects’ vehicle were also seized.

The suspects’ strategy

Limmong said that the strategy of these 7 people in order not to be discovered or arrested is to use two vehicles to ferry the marijuana along the road from time to time.

He said that the Suzuki Ertiga vehicle came via Bontoc and it was the one that picked up the suspected marijuana then transferred it to the Black Toyota Innova.

“In-transfer da diay karga tapnu nu maharang mi kuma diay maysa, awan karga na ngem iti naala tayo met ket daytoy nangikargaan da met laeng,” he said.

Meanwhile, all the seven suspects are now under the custody of Tabuk City Police Station.


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