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Anti-rabies vaccination of pets advised as rabies cases tend to spike during summer season

Updated: Apr 1, 2021

Tabuk City, Kalinga – City Veterinary Office is reminding the public to have their pets vaccinated with anti rabies as the rabies cases tend to spike during the warm season when animals become active and when some wild animals leave their homes going to populated areas.

Assistant City Veterinarian Dr. Carmen Wanas explained that rabies is 100% fatal but it is preventable only if pets such as dogs, cats, and others are vaccinated against the virus as early as 3 months prior to contact.

She added that rabies is contagious and that once an unvaccinated pet is exposed to and bitten by a rabid animal, it will catch the virus regardless of age.

1st rabies case in Tabuk for 2021

Wanas said that the first case of rabies in Tabuk City was a 2-month-old mixed breed puppy which was bought in Isabela in January.

“Kasi 2 months old pa lang ‘yon na binili sa Isabela at hindi na anti- rabies kasi iti usual a pagka-inject iti aso ket 3 months. Ginatang da, inyeg da ditoy and 2 days after, nagkagat,” she said.

The puppy bit 5 individuals including its owner. When it was subjected for a laboratory test, it turned out that it is positive with rabies.

With this, Wanas said it is crucial for people to check and ensure that the dogs and cats they buy have been vaccinated. This can be seen through health and vaccination certificates of the pets signed by licensed veterinarians.

“So i-discourage tayo dagiti gumatgatang iti ruwar a haan da kitkitaen iti vaccination certificates and then health record iti aso,” she said.

Signs and symptoms of a rabid animal

The signs and symptoms that an animal has rabies include abnormal behaviors such as excessive drooling, barking, the animal keeps on running, and it bites anything.

“Iti natiwer nga aso a kuna tayo iti Kalinga, nu mamingpinsan a sao kasla da nabagtit, abnormal iti behaviors da. So nu normal nga aso, haan lang basta nga agtataol dayta, basta agkagat whereas nu rabid iti aso either tila tila iti kagkagaten na, ag-salivation, haan na ammu iti turturungen na basta tumar taray lang, drooling, ken aganang- ang dayta,” she said.

Once the dog shows any of these signs, it is important to immediately isolate the dog so it will not bite others. After isolation, the owners are encouraged to report to the barangay officials or to the City Veterinary Office about the incident so the animal will be subjected for laboratory tests.


Tabuk City rabies awareness month culminates with veterinary services for dogs, cats


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