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  • Writer's picture Mark Moises Calayan

Apayao students bag 36 medals in International Math and Science competitions

Luna, Apayao - Students from Apayao successfully brought home a total of 36 medals after participating in international math and science competitions recently.


The brilliant students showcased their academic prowess during the Thailand International Math Olympiad (TIMO) and Hong Kong International Science Olympiad (HKISO) held on January 21, 2024, in Camp Emilio Aguinaldo, Quezon City.


TIMO is a yearly mathematical contest run by the Olympiad Champion Education Center (OCEC) and the Thailand Mathematics Society. While other mathematical competitions focus mostly on top students, TIMO is open to all students with a significant interest in mathematics.

HKISO, on the other hand, is an annual international science competition that assesses students' knowledge according to their topic level and closely adheres to the science curriculum of Hong Kong schools.


In these prestigious events, 36 out of the seventy-one awardees were students from Apayao Science High School (ApScie), who won 20 gold medals, 10 silver medals, and 6 bronze medals in their respective categories.


Aside from the students' medals, ApScie also garnered the most outstanding school award, while Apayao was named as the most outstanding division.


In a social media publication, the students and the school expressed gratitude to Governor Elias Bulut Jr. and Congresswoman Leah Bulut-Begtang for their unwavering support that helped them attain success.


ApSci Principal Danilo Cudiamat, meanwhile, lauded the students for bringing another milestone to the school. The principal also conveyed his sincere gratitude to teachers who developed the students' skills and served as their coaches during the event.