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Baguio farmer group gets P.5M greenhouse from DA

Updated: Mar 26, 2021

Baguio City, Philippines – The Granjeros De Oeste Organization, a group of farmers in Barangay Irisan composed mostly of mothers and senior citizens, received on Wednesday a greenhouse worth P543, 244.00 from the Department of Agriculture (DA)-Cordillera to serve as nursery for their strawberry runner production.

The greenhouse was realized through the DA-High Value Crops Development Program (HDVCP) which is designed to increase the country’s chances of attaining food self-sufficiency, economic growth and enhancement of consumer’s health and welfare.

It also aims to promote production, processing, marketing and distribution of high value crops.

Eyeing on the increase of the production of strawberry in Baguio, DA awarded the greenhouse to the group and expected to be managed by the 38 farmer-members.

DA-CAR informed the group is cultivating a small community garden in Irisan planted with highland vegetables. Their income is used to finance their operating expenses and charitable causes.

HVCDP Agriculturist Eleanor Camut, in a statement to the beneficiaries, emphasized that the project is from the peoples’ taxes, thus, it should be well utilized and sustained to serve its purpose.

“Let us show people that our strawberry, which we are known for, is really from Baguio. This is just among the many projects showing DA’s pledge on food security,” she said.

Rocklyn Yadis, the group’s president, assured that they will use the greenhouse in improving their good agricultural practices, as well as improve their economic situation specially the farmers benefitting from it.

Yadis added that aside from an income-generating project, the group will also be engaged in knowledge sharing.

Meanwhile, Baguio City Agricultural Production Coordinating Officer (APCO) Ofelia Ducayag challenged the group to develop further what was awarded to them for it to be accredited as a learning or tourism site.

DA-Cordillera said that the group’s application for Good Agricultural Practices certification is underway.


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