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Balbalan recalibrates its Citizen’s Charter to fight corruption

Balbalan, Kalinga―The Municipal Government of Balbalan headed by Eric Gonayon, Sr. recalibrates the Municipality’s Citizens’ Charter to promote proper management of public affairs and public property aiming to prevent graft and corruption in the government.

Citizens’ Charter is the tooth and arm of citizens against government officials and employees doing unwarranted services to clients in their transaction of business with government offices.

Balbalan Shines reported that Mayor Eric Gonayon together with heads of offices and other key officers of the agencies of the municipal government convened to strengthen the Citizens’ Charter that was left unvisited for almost 10 years.

Citizens’ Charter of the municipality was established during the administration of then Mayor Allen Jesse Mangaoang.

The body decided that the Executive Order by the previous administration will require some modification to accommodate the measures to be strengthened and some amendments from the ordinance which embodied it to conform to the present situation.

What is Citizens’ Charter?

Citizens' Charter is one of the tools in the operation of the Anti-Red Tape Act (RA NO. 9485) which was enacted into law to improve efficiency in the delivery of government services to the public by reducing bureaucratic red tape, preventing graft and corruption.

Citizens’ Charter is done by posting the services of each and every office they provide by citing the time duration of rendering those services to every citizen who transact business with them, the required service fees (if there is any) to be collected from clients, the identification of those officers/employees responsible for the service, and the posting of those requirements needed to get the service.

Additionally, it should be written and be displayed in visible appropriate tarpaulin/poster sizes to be posted in a conspicuous area of every office for the information of every client.

Suggestion/feedback boxes will also be installed in offices or at the lobby of the municipal hall to be used by clients who do not want to be known of their dissatisfaction or their commendations to particular officials/employees.

Complaints when found valid and reasonable will be acted upon by higher authorities which may result to the suspension or termination of service by those involved.


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