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‘Bible stands as an eternal source of inspiration’ - Magalong on National Bible Month

Baguio City, Philippines - In observance of the closing of the National Bible Month celebration, Baguio City Mayor Benjamin Magalong has urged the public to read their Bible, emphasizing its importance in their daily lives.


Every year, National Bible Month is celebrated in the country to remind the people of God's words' primacy over decision-making, highlighting one of the Filipino core values - "Maka-Diyos."

With the theme “Sao ti Dios: Anges ti Baro a Biag,” Baguio joined the nationwide activity through a program held at Malcolm Square on January 29, 2024.


During the program, Magalong, in his note read by City Mayor’s Office Staff Leandro Tabilog, encouraged the public to read the Holy Scriptures.


“In a world that sometimes feels turbulent and uncertain, the Bible stands as an eternal source of inspiration, wisdom, and the promise of renewal,” the mayor wrote.


“The breath of new life, as mentioned in the Scriptures, is a powerful metaphor that reminds us of the profound impact the word of God can have on our lives. Let us reflect on the timeless messages within the sacred pages that continue to breathe new life into our existence,” he added.


Other activities conducted during the event included charismatic songs, entertainment numbers, and inspirational messages from the participating private and public sectors.


There were also booths set up for spiritual guidance and the provision of free Bibles and other religious reading materials to the public.


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