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“Choose your food wisely, save the environment” – Pasil Mayor Malannag

Pasil, Kalinga – “Through our food choices, we can collectively influence how food is cultivated, produced, distributed and consumed, and as a result help create meaningful positive changes.”

Pasil Mayor Alfredo “Chao-ig” Malannag Jr. expressed this during the general assembly of Slow Food Communities in the municipality held at the Evacuation Center in Tucol on January 6.

In said event, the slow food communities gathered to affirm the preservation of their traditional cuisine, reiterating their campaign for everyone to have access to ‘good, clean, and fair food.’

‘Good’ for the food’s quality and taste, ‘clean’ because production is organic, thus it does not harm the environment, and ‘fair’ since the food is accessible with reasonable prices.

Determined to prevent the vanishing of food culture and tradition, the slow food communities likewise drum up the awareness on how the food choices of the public affect the environment and the planet.

Mayor Malannag said that ‘the decision that we make about what food to take determines the health of the planet, thus, the need to choose wisely.’

“The Slow Food Communities in Pasil believe that involving the public and letting them experience the impact of traditional food is far more effective way to revive the diversity and culture than simply launching an information or educational campaign,” stated the mayor.

It is with the concrete results, he said, that the various departments of the municipal government had been thoroughly supporting said movement.

Recognitions of Pasil due to Slow Food

With the creation of slow food communities in Pasil and their inclusion in the Slow Food Organizational Structure, the municipality have been recognized regionally, nationally and even internationally.

Agriculturist Rowena Gonnay represented the municipality and the country in the first Terra Madre, an international network of food communities back in 2010. A year after, her husband, Lam-en Gonnay carried the banner of the same communities in the first Indigenous Terra Madre in Sweden.

The couple were sent as representatives for they are the ones who introduced the campaign, going from one barangay to another to spread the slow food movement.

Gonnay underscored that by applying the slow food concept in the local cuisine, the community in way is protecting the environment by avoiding harmful chemicals in their agriculture roduction. It is also with this movement that the indigenous tradition are preserved.

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