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Cong. Mangaoang pays homage to forefathers during Pres. Marcos Jr. SONA 2022

Updated: Oct 17, 2022

Quezon City, Philippines – The first SONA of President Ferdinand Marcos Jr. was not only an avenue to show support to the administration but also an opportunity of others to display fashion and make cultural statements among others through the clothes they wore.

This could be observed from the attendees of the first SONA held on Monday, July 25, at the Batasang Pambansa, Quezon City.

As for Congressman Allen Jesse Mangaoang of Kalinga, together with his wife Dr. Carol Agyao, the attire worn was to pay homage to Kalinga ancestors.

Mangaoang said he recognizes the people who came before, sacrificing their lives to protect the rights and everything Ykalingas now enjoy. If not for them, he earlier underscored, ‘our journey would still be rough and tough.’

“While the SONA is a venue for other political leaders to express their political statements in the designs of their garments, ours is a cultural statement to honor our forefathers in whose sweat and blood laid the foundation of the State of the Nation we continue to nurture every year,” said the Kalinga Representative in his social media post.

The intrinsic designs woven to their garments, he noted, “is a narrative of our unity in diversity which shall always inspire us to shepherd our people to the realm of the best State of the Nation they rightfully should cherish.”

Recently, Mangaoang vowed the continuation of his legislative agenda and funding of initiatives on infrastructure development, education support, health enhancement, and agricultural production before his congressional exit.

He said he shall likewise work for the improvement of social services, environmental protection, tourism promotion and development, technology empowerment, and capacity building in the province.

“Welcome aboard the flight of the 19th Congress as we set sail for another legislative year to make the state of our nation better. God bless the Philippines!” the congressman expressed.


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