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DA allots P.5 M with food subsidy to 104 Ytongrayans

Updated: Mar 11, 2021

Tinglayan, Kalinga – As part of the Cash and Food Subsidy for Marginal Farmers and Fisherfolk (CFMFF) Program, the Department of Agriculture on Tuesday, March 9, 2021, delivered cash and food assistance amounting to P 520,000 to 104 recipients in this town through the National Commission on Indigenous Peoples(NCIP) - Tinglayan Service Center.

Each farmer who also belong the Indigenous People (IP) of Tinglayan received cash amounting to P3,000 plus P2, 000-worth of food subsidy in these following items: 25 kgs. rice, 2 tray eggs and 2 live chickens.

According to Larae Lactao, Information Officer of Tinglayan Local Government Unit, the IP beneficiaries who were identified through NCIP-Kalinga in coordination with the LGU’s Indigenous People Mandatory Representative (IPMR) are enrolled in the Registry System for Basic Sectors in Agriculture or RSBSA or Farmers' and Fisherfolk's Registry System or FFRS, and are not covered by the Social Amelioration Program.

NCIP personnel also informed that some beneficiaries missed to cash out their financial assistance since they were not able to provide the needed documents, but vouchers with stamp were provided in its place for them to claim later. She said that to clarify issues an affidavit was required from them.

Lactao said that recipients can claim their assistance from MLhuillier using the voucher reminding them to bring along any of the following ID card: Postal ID, PhilHealth ID, TIN ID, GSIS ID or Voter's ID or certificate.

“If the beneficiary can't go personally, a letter of authorization signed by the beneficiary is needed,” Lactao said.

In a statement, Mayor Sacrament Gumilab conveyed his gratitude to the government agencies involved in the distribution saying this is a great relief for his constituents especially during this time of pandemic.

“Agyaman tayu kadagituy a dole-out manipud kadigiti naduma-duma a government line agencies ken daytuy panagpili da kadagiti constituents tayu as beneficiaries. Dakkel unay a tulung daytuy lalo tatta a panawen ti pandemic,” the mayor expressed.

CFSMFF is a subsidy program funded under Bayanihan 2 or Recover as One Act launched in the region on December 23, 2020 which aims to provide cash and food assistance to eligible


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