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Establishments told to comply Fire Safety requirements

Tabuk City, Kalinga – Establishments in the city are reminded to complete the requirements for them to acquire their respective Fire Safety Inspection Certificate.

FO3 Marc Francis Gabel of the Tabuk Bureau of Fire Protection explains that complying the necessary requirements before they can secure a Fire Safety Inspection Certificate is vital to ensure that their establishments are safe.

Under Republic Act 9514 or the Fire Code of the Philippines of 2008, establishments are mandated to secure a Fire Safety Inspection Certificate prior the issuance of a business and mayor’s permit to operate.

Gabel said that there are still establishment owners who still ask questions about the why the need to inspect if they are compliant with the Fire Code.

“‘Yun ang ini-implement namin ... kasi may mga business establishment pa rin kasi na medyo nagtatanong pero okay lang naman ‘yun, pero ang concern lang naman namin is mag-comply sila. Kasi in the long run, it’s for their safety, hindi para sa amin kasi itong ginagawa naming inspection ay para rin sa business nila,” he said.

Among the things they inspect, he said, include fire safety apparatus such as fire extinguisher, wirings and others. He noted that there are also specified requirements for every building such as schools or business establishments.

“Usually ‘yung mga nakikita namin na mga problema lalo na dito sa Tabuk is yung non-compliant of fire protective equipments and ‘tong mga wirings natin. Yung nagkakaroon ng octopus connections, use of illegal connections or wirings example yung sobra-sobrang overloaded na extention wires lalo na yung mga hindi accredited,” he said.

If non-compliant, they will be given notice to comply within 15 days after the NFP personnel will again conduct a re-inspection, he said.

Meantime, Gabel said that it is the responsibility of establishment owner to comply with the minimum requirements, that their business permits will be denied if they fail to have a Fire Safety Inspection Certificate.

“Dapat lahat sana ng business establishment is mag-comply lalong lalo na sa mga minimum requirements such as fire protection apparatus, kasla fire extinguisher and avoid using octopus connection, avoid ‘yung tinatawag nating jumper or ‘yung nagda-direct ka sa main line na wala man lang breaker,” he said.


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