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Lubuagan rewards first 50 business registrants

Lubuagan, Kalinga - Fifty (50) business owners in Lubuagan, who were first to apply for their business or renew their applications, were given a reward as an appreciation for their being responsible taxpayers.

Lubuagan Mayor Charisma Anne Dickpus in a virtual interview expressed her appreciation to the business community, especially the first 50 registrants, saying “agited tayo iti reward tapnu mangipakita iti appreciation tayo kanyada nga uray kasanu ket ammo da iti obligasyon da bilang responsible citizens.”

Mayor Dickpus informed that it has always been the LGU’s norm to give rewards to early new and renewing business registrants, adding that the incentive is also a means to encourage business owners to renew their permits on time to avoid penalties.

Echoing the mayor’s statement, Acting Municipal Treasurer Malaica Bongngat said by doing this, the “goal for the LGU to see all businesses will continue to progress more while complying with the ordinances of LGU Lubuagan.”

She said those top 50 business registrants received certification and items as incentives.

Meanwhile, the LGU has extended the deadline of business registration from January 21, 2022 to February 28, 2022 to give ample time to business owners, especially those affected by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Last year, there were 163 renewals of business registration and 61 new ones.

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