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100-year old Tinglayan grandma says sweet potato is her secret to long life

Tinglayan, Kalinga – The Municipal government of Tinglayan on Wednesday, March 3, 2021, awarded cash assistance amounting to P10, 000 to a centenarian from Barangay Poblacion as part of the LGU’s assistance program to those reaching 100 years.

During the award, the centenarian mentioned that her diet was her secret to having lived longer than many others.

Theresa Sapyong, known as Lola Tulisa in their barangay who just turned 100 today, is the fourth centenarian to receive cash assistance from the MLGU since the program started in 2019. The first recipient of the program is Apo Whang-od dubbed as the “oldest and last-surviving hand tap tatoo artist” (mambabatok).

According to Larae Lactao, information officer of Tinglayan LGU, the program is based on R.A. No. 10868 or Centenarians Act of 2016 which aims to honor and grant additional benefits and privileges to centenarians in the country.

“Daytuy nga program ket one way to honor our elders especially dagituy centenarians dituy Tinglayan”, Lactao said.

In the said law, municipal LGUs are directed to give plaque of recognition and cash incentive to be determined by the LGU, and to set aside a fund for such purpose in their annual budget.

As for Tinglayan LGU, the aid given to Lola Tulisa came from the municipal budget through an appropriation ordinance.

Lola Tulisa’s secret to long-life

In an interview, Lola Tulisa said her secret of living to a ripe old age is her diet: eating boiled, chopped sweet potato or ‘chinak’ in their local dialect every morning before going to their ‘kaingin’.

“Idi damagek suna kunana nga ti sikreto na kanu ket kamote, every morning nga apan isuna ag-uma ket mangan pay isuna na ti chinak which is chopped kamote nga nilaga,” Lactao said.

“Tapos haan isu na unay mangan ti karne…Iti gulay, for example, nu mangan isu na amti ket awan asin ikabil na. Bassit lang ikabil na nu dadduma nga vegetable dish,” Lactao added.

Lola Tulisa further said that she is selective on the food she eats, “mangilin” in the local dialect.



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