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13 dead in Tabuk City’s tragic accident, 7 were children

Updated: Apr 19, 2021

Tabuk City, Kalinga ̶ A family trip turned tragic when their vehicle fell into an irrigation canal along the way to the Bulo Lake in Tabuk City Kalinga on Sunday April 18, leaving 13 dead with two survivors.

Investigation by the police said that the accident happened around 6.15 in the evening while a group of relatives were on the way to the lake in a black Ford Everest.

The plan to visit the lake, according to the case investigator Police Staff Seargent Zaldy Chumacog, was thought to be a spur of the moment decision. He said that 4 of the victims, the driver and 3 children came from Mountain Province to visit their relatives here in Tabuk City and probably wanted to get some snapshots at the said local destination.

“Rumabiin, mapan da lang siguro isambut nga ag-picture taking idiay Bulo [Lake], kasdiay siguro iti plano da ta agdardaras da met a mapan. Kasi biglaan ngay a napanunut da a napan kasi nagapu dagitoy [4 victims] idiay Bontoc, umay da agpasyar ditoy kakasinsin da, kakabagyan da ditoy,” he narrated.

While traversing the access road to Bulo Lake, they passed through a curve portion where the SUV fell to the deep part of the irrigation canal and got submerged. Chumacog said the driver might have possibly lost control.

“Proceeding da idiay Bulo Lake ken nalampasan da bassit diay rangtay idiay, adda met lang iti bassit a curve idiay a portion iti kalsada. Idiayen, so possibly a na-lose control isuna or haan na nai-negotiate diay kalsada, nagderetso a natinnag idiay nauneg a part iti danom iti irrigation,” he said.

13 drowned in the incident, 2 survived

When the SUV plunged into the canal, some residents moments later saw the vehicle and called for rescuers.

Unfortunately, of the 15 individuals, 13 drowned. Chumacog said the two survivors were able to get out of the vehicle through one of the doors of the vehicle. It is said that Edith Andizo Perez was able to force open the door while the engine of the car was still running and grab the kid closest to her out of the sinking SUV.

“Diay maysa ruwangan, nalukatan isu a naka-survive iti 2. Pero dagiay other 13 ket nalmes da,” Cumacog said.

After the rescue, the victims were rushed to the Meja Kim Medical center and Kalinga Provincial Hospital but were pronounced dead on arrival. 11 were declared dead on arrival at the Meja Kim Medical Center, while 2 were pronounced the same at the Kalinga Provincial Hospital. Among these casualties, Chumacog said, 7 of them are minors ages 3-6 years old.

Casualties of the incident

1. Soy Lope Agtulao - 36 y/o

2. Judilyn Talawec Dumayom - 31

3. Alfredo cutit Lope - 59

4. Remedios Longey Basilio - 56

5. Jessabel Basilio Paycao - 27

6. Sony Puking Lopez - 22

7. Marlo Gel Perena - 6

8. Seadarn Talawec Dumayom - 5

9. Scarlet Basilio Paycao - 3

10. Jeslyn Talawec Paycao - 4

11. Cydwin Lope Agtulao - 6

12. Cyan Lope Agtulao - 4

13. Ezverdcrick Basilio Paycao - 4

Survivors under stable condition

Edith Andiso Perez - 51

Cyril Lope Agtulao - 10

Remains of the 13 were brought to TAMPCO Funeral Care. This accident is one of the most tragic recorded in Tabuk City with multiple deaths in a single incident.



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