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Public warned against carnappers’ new modus operandi in Tabuk

Updated: Apr 19, 2021

Tabuk City, Kalinga ̶ Dagupan Centro Punong Barangay George Esteras warns public to be aware of carnappers specifically of two individuals whose modus operandi is to pretend to be on the phone while they park near a target vehicle.

Esteras revealed this after his own motorcycle, an XRM which was parked outside their house, was stolen on broad day light today, April 18.

He said that he discovered his motorcycle missing when he was about to go out to buy food.

“Masdaawak ta mapan nak kuma gumatang iti sidaek, awan metten. Isu diay nalagip mi nga adda iti naka CCTV a kaaruba mi,” he said.

The neighbor’s CCTV footage, he added, recorded the incident at around 9.40.24 this morning. He said that the two men’s face were fully covered that even the back of their head is hard to identify.

“Aldaw iti modus da tattan. Iti kuna diay kaarruba mi, adda kanu agintatawag, duwa da. Adda diay motor da, inyabay da idiay ayan iti motor ko. Haan da panpansinen a ta agin-tatawag garud,” he said.

While the incident is still under investigation, Esteras is warning the public to be vigilant. “Diay unay iti importante alwadan yu dagiay agintatawag a duwa a lalaki a naka-park asideg iti motor, diay iti sipsiputan da,” he warned.

“Nu adda agin tatawag nga agin pa-park nga iyabay da diay motor da, siputan yu ta isu diay iti nangyari tattay …Tatta gayam, siyempre haan mo panpansinen a ta agin tatawag, diay maysa ket agkulkulikot gayam iti wirings, kasdiay iti modus da tattan,” he relates.



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