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9 teens in Tabuk bullying video to undergo counseling

Updated: May 10, 2021

Tabuk City, Kalinga – The nine girls involved in the viral video showing one of them beating up another to the ground while their peers cheer and laugh will undergo counseling together with their parents.

The beating was reported to have been done in Dagupan West in broad daylight.

Dagupan Weste Punong Barangay Santiago Soto, Jr. said that on May 7, five parents together with the 13-year-old victim and the City Social and Welfare Development Office personnel convened at the Barangay Hall.

Soto said the parent of the victim was furious when he watched the viral video.

“Naladaw na kanu a nabuya diay video kasi busy iman nga agkarkarpintero gayam ket in-eksplikar na piman a ‘gagangay iti nagannak, talaga a nasakit kanyak diay nangyari’ kunana,” Soto narrated.

Soto requested the presence of the parents without the kids to avoid possible emergence of new problems, especially when the aggrieved party demands punishment, saying the father of the victim later accepted the apology of the parents of the wrongdoers.

Parents sought help for their children

Soto said that the victim and the one who beat her have a record in their barangay for breaching curfew hours.

“Actually diay nag-bully ken diay na-bully ket adda records da a dati ta kanayun mi a ma-curfew ditoy Dagupan West,” he said.

The other parents who were also present revealed that their children have been likewise misbehaving, and thus they requested for having their children undergo counseling.

“Iti hiling da, tulungan mi da isuda a mangipan kadagiay ubbing da iti counseling ta talaga inamin dagiay daduma a parents a subeg dagiay annak da,” he said.

Meantime, the CSWD has scheduled interviews and counseling of the kids together with the parents.

Victim forgives former friends

During the dialogue, the victim, according to Soto, forgave the 8 girls including her friend who injured her.

“Adda diay ubing idi kalman, dinamag da met lang nu anya iti rikna na ket kunana ‘napakawan ko isudan’, isu kunana diay ubing ta insurot diay parent. ‘Napakawan ko isudan ta kakadwak met dati suda,’ kunana,” he reiterated.

Meanwhile, the punong barangay appealed to parents to discipline their children but should balance their approach to avoid pushing them too hard which could lead to worse rebellious behavior.


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