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Baguio City encounters 8.6% enrollment drop and closing of 13 schools

Baguio City, Philippines―Baguio City’s enrollees dropped by 8.6% this school year says OIC Assistant Schools Division Superintendent (ASDS) Christopher Benigno attributing the drop as one of the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Based on the report of Public Information Office-City of Baguio, the congregated total for public and private schools is 86,542, with a difference of 7,479 pupils and students from last year’s total enrolment of 94,021.

Benigno, however, announced that pupils and students who were not able to enroll may still enroll in schools to catch up with their lessons and finish the school year 2020-2021, encouraging them to do their best in completing their schooling despite the current situation.

“We are searching for those who have not enrolled due to various reasons to take on the challenges of learning during these pandemic times,” he said.

He said reasons given for non-enrolment are: the Covid-19 pandemic, lack of interest, financial constraints, no assistance given, parent’s decisions, change of residence, health condition, family problem and early parenthood.

Last school year, there were 508 drop-outs, 519 repeaters in the same grade with three or more failed subjects, and 493 who did not enroll.

Data as of Nov. 2, 2020 showed that for the present school year, there are 36,695 enrolled in the city’s public elementary schools; 22,791 in Grade 7 to 10 or Junior High School; and 4,338 in Grade 11 to 12 or Senior High School.

Baguio private schools have 7,903 elementary pupils, 6,176 junior high students and 7,441 senior high students. Enrolled Alternative Learning Students (ALS) is 1,198.

As to data on movement of learners, 3,527 moved from private to public schools within Baguio, while 554 learners moved from private to schools outside of Baguio.

There are also 483 public school learners who moved to private schools within the city, while 108 learners moved to private schools outside of Baguio.

Public to public school transferees within the city number to 5,775; while 1,026 public school learners transferred to other public schools outside of Baguio.

Meantime, as a result of the pandemic, there are six schools that temporarily closed in the city and seven schools that permanently closed.




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