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Balbalan farmers get machinery, yield-boosting seeds for wet season

Updated: May 18

Balbalan, Kalinga – Farmers in Balbalan, Kalinga will soon be reaping the benefits of the Rice Competitiveness Enhancement Fund (RCEF) program, following the distribution of inbred rice seeds and yet another batch of farm machinery.

On May 3, Maling Farmers and Livelihood Association and Farmers Association of Poswoy each received one unit of rice thresher, while Gallang Farmers and Irrigators Association of Balbalasang was awarded one unit of rice reaper. Plastic crates were likewise distributed to farmers that day.


Since 2021, the municipality has already acquired 12 units of farm equipment under RCEF mechanization program. The figure is based on the Municipal Information Office’s press release.


To further increase farm productivity and boost rice farmers’ income, 150 bags of high-quality seeds intended for the wet season were distributed to farmers from barangays Gawaan, Poblacion, Pantikian and Dao on May 7 at KDCM Sports Center.


Each bag costs P830, according to Municipal Agriculturist Arnel Malaggay.


Farmer-recipients, Malaggay added, were those identified and endorsed by the barangay officials.


The aid, which was made possible through the initiative of Mayor Almar Malannag, will greatly benefit the farmers since the certified inbred seeds produce higher yields than the ordinary seeds. This variety is also said to withstand various rice diseases.


For the farmers in other villages, the agriculturist said, they will soon be provided with heirloom rice seeds.