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Business in national, provincial roads open during lockdown – Estrañero

Tabuk City, Kalinga – Business establishments along the national and provincial road in this city will not be affected by the proposed surgical lockdown says City Mayor Darwin Estrañero.

“Dagita ngamin ket haan a maiconsider a mai-lockdown dagita because they are located along the Provincial and the National road, along commercial areas. Ket dagidiay kaadwan met dita ket awan met iti agigyan, dagidiay residents da ket inside diay barangay roads tayo, so dagidiay iti talaga a ma-lockdown,” he explained during his radio program Magandang Tanghali Mayor this April 9.

This move he said does not intend to compromise the economy.

According to the city mayor, certain clusters of the seven barangays which have high cases namely Bulanao Centro, Bulanao Norte, Dagupan Centro, Appas, Magsaysay, Agbannawag, and Nambaran will be put into lockdown. This, he said hopes to limit the movement of people to prevent the further spread of Covid-19 in the locality.

With surgical lockdowns, there shall also be one entry, one exit point on the affected barangays to monitor the people and ensure that only those going out for essentials, work or emergency are allowed to move.

In said radio program, Estrañero also apologized for the early posting of the Executive Order placing the above mentioned barangays into surgical lockdowns that had caused confusions to the public.

He said that the proposed lockdown is yet to be approved by the provincial Inter Agency Task Force.

It could be recalled that EO 17 was released on Facebook yesterday, April 8, which was said to be effective on that day but moments later, it was taken down. He explained that they had to do it for there were clerical errors due to the work loads of the staff.

“Isu ngarud diay kunkunak a siguro iti kina-adu iman iti trabaho da nagkamali da iti nai-post that’s why they are reviewing it thoroughly tapnu awan iti kamali na daytan ket we are asking an apology for the early posting of that executive order, the consequences now is daytoy confusion,” he said.

He added that if the Executive Order will be approved this afternoon, surgical lockdowns shall be imposed for 14 days on the said barangays starting April 10 to 24. However, it can be lifted earlier depending on the situation.

Meanwhile, when asked if there is a possibility of Enhanced Community Quarantine in Tabuk City, he said there is if people will not adhere to the minimum health protocols and that if Covid-19 cases will continue to rise.

“Nu talaga a nasulpeng tayo, haan tayo a sursuruten iti protocol nangnangruna dagitoy rural barangays tayo, ay awanen iti papanan na daytan nu haan nga umadu nga umadu ay ket anya ngay garud iti resulta na nu haan tayo nga i-lockdown,” he said.

As of April 5, there are 351 Covid-19 active cases in Tabuk City.


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